Kerry Charles

Blurring the lines between caricature and confessional, Kerry Charles isn't quite certain where his act ends and reality begins. Sardonic, yet sincere, abject but personal and indisputably groovy, Charles's timeless pop recordings are as enigmatic as their author.

Drawing influence from the likes of Prince, Hall and Oates and Steely Dan, Charles's obsessively produced tracks land somewhere between laid-back synth pop, smooth dad rock and seductive R&B.

The New Jersey-based songwriter and producer pairs his intimate falsetto with a lush palette of synthesizers and the inimitable sax stylings of Max Cudworth to produce a sound that longs for a time of polyester and purple rain.

Supported by an outstanding lineup of musicians (including Dustin Kaufman of St. Lucia), Charles and Cudworth spin a sensual yarn that will have you reaching to dim the lights and uncork that second bottle of malbec.

His debut LP, I Think Of You, is packed with moments heralded by Noisey as “seriously groovy cold-weather jams...the type of music that feels just right when the leaves start to change colors.” Nine tracks of cozy sonic gems that will have you begging for more, and rest assured more is around the corner.


Week In Pop Premiere: Kerry Charles, "Seal it With a Kiss"

"The cadences that Kerry conjures up are those smooth rhythm & blues tones that stay in the mind, that linger in the soul like an inextinguishable flame that kindles a passion that flickers and gently burns like the evocative gestures of deepest affection"

Glide Kerry Charles Drops R&B ’80s Laden Groove Number “Empress Of The Crystal Moon”

"Charles brings a modern sensibility to a well-loved songwriting style. The synth bass immediately drives into your shoulders and gets them moving before the band even drops in, and by the time the disciplined and articulate drummer drops in the rest of your limbs might just give in to it"

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"Few videos tell a story so uniquely, so succinctly that you are actually put on edge wondering what the resolve is, but this amazing trip of a video by Peter English does just that. Taking the retro drip of the single and making a poignant point that we aren’t alone, not matter how mouthy our issues are, is just a smile inducing affair"

Noisey Stay Warm with Kerry Charles' New EP 'Two Cozy Rooms Vol. 1'

"South Philly's Kerry Charles, who previously released music under the moniker Science Fiction Fantasy, mixes saxophones and synths with drums and some gorgeous vocals to create some seriously groovy cold weather jams. It'll make you want to sit back, relax, and tune out"

Impose Kerry Charles, "Jenny's Out Of Town"

"Slow, smooth, setting the tone with keys that are swoon-worthy. Kerry weaves an intricate narrative with his charming and beautiful vocals that still, somehow, hold a pop/rock edge to them"