Son Step

Son Step is a guitar-less, synth-drenched rock outfit based in Philadelphia, comprised of twin brothers Jon and Chris Coyle (vocals/synthesizers and bass), Joel Gleiser (vocals/electronics), and Matt Scarano (percussion).

With their unique setup, the group expertly assembles twisted percussive layers and electric textures that build upon each other, resembling a game of Jenga on the brink of collapse. Maintaining a firm pop sensibility, complex rhythmic backbone and affinity for natural sounds, Son Step weave repeated vocal phrases and colorful, unpredictable instrumentation into a beautiful, cacophonous collage — eliciting feelings of keen awareness and wild bliss.


The Line Of Best Fit Experimental Psych-Pop Group Son Step Unleash Hypnotic & Daring Pop Cut “Saucy”

"Combining staccato-infused rhythms with swirling sonics and 8-bit synthesizers, endearing vocals float effortlessly above and into a soaring chorus, wrapping around the intertwining instrumentals with beautifully apt harmonies"

Impose Premiere: Son Step - Fossilillies

"Son Step craft a heady blend of psychedelic melodies and anthemic indie-pop songwriting. Their twisted electronic layers and propulsive, off-kilter percussion give their songs a careening sonic quality..."

Post-Trash Son Step - "Saucy" | Post-Trash Premiere

"The band’s sound is complex and lush, a deep dive into rhythm and melody and how to two can push each other into new spaces altogether with a futuristic zeal"

Fecking Bahamas Son Step Unveil Warped Video For New Single "Pluto Chakras"

"Son Step have an eye for the oddball. The Philadelphia quartet’s arsenal comprises quirky synthesizer textures, folky vocal harmonies, and knotty drum lines. The cooked product has the psychedelic veneer of Panda Bear, Animal Collective and Atlas Sound; blended with the metrically complex jazziness of Strobes, Shiver and Alarmist"