Two Cozy Rooms Vol. 1

Kerry Charles

On his debut EP, Kerry Charles wryly combines sardonic, personal lyrics with a light-hearted musical disposition reminiscent of another time. Think of that forgotten sock or hair tie, rediscovered in a dusty corner behind the bed, that triggers a distant memory. Two Cozy Rooms Vol. 1 is a sultry, wistful affair unwinding with a lush palette of saxophone, synth and percussion. Blurring the lines between R&B, synth pop and seductive indie funk, Kerry conjures up feelings of nostalgia as he explores intimate moments through the lens of an individual unable to leave the past behind.

Noisey Stay Warm with Kerry Charles' New EP 'Two Cozy Rooms Vol. 1'

"South Philly's Kerry Charles, who previously released music under the moniker Science Fiction Fantasy, mixes saxophones and synths with drums and some gorgeous vocals to create some seriously groovy cold weather jams. It'll make you want to sit back, relax, and tune out"

Impose Kerry Charles, "Jenny's Out Of Town"

"Slow, smooth, setting the tone with keys that are swoon-worthy. Kerry weaves an intricate narrative with his charming and beautiful vocals that still, somehow, hold a pop/rock edge to them"

Written and produced by Kerry Charles

Vocals, Guitar, Keys - Kerry Charles
Rhodes, Additional Production - Corey Regensburg
Bass - Alex Gilbert
Saxophone - Max Cudworth
Additional Production and Arrangements - Peter English

Live Drums ("Here in Hell") - Bryan Ujueta
Engineered @ Miner St. Studio (Philadelphia, PA) by Matt Schimelfenig

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Artwork and design by Matt Goold

  1. Trembling (4:27)
  2. Here in Hell (4:23)
  3. Jenny's Out of Town (3:39)
Kerry Charles