Cream of the Crop

Kerry Charles

“Cream of the Crop is about that feeling when you run into someone from your past and they've done a lot of growing up... and maybe not in a way that's been very good for them."

fusionostalgia The Enigmatic Charm Of Kerry Charles’s “Cream Of The Crop”

"In a world where authenticity often feels like a rare gem amidst a sea of manufactured personas, Kerry Charles emerges as a beacon of enigmatic sincerity. Blurring the lines between caricature and confessional, Charles navigates the musical landscape with a captivating blend of sardonic wit and undeniable groove. "

Written and Produced by Kerry Charles

Kerry Charles - Keyboards, Vocals
Max Cudworth - Sax
Dustin Kaufman - Drums
Clay Sears - Guitar, Piano
Chris Smith - Bass

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Weber at The Gradwell House
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Album Art Troy Kreiner