The Acchin Book

Pine Barons

Pine Barons' debut LP, The Acchin Book is comprised of eleven tracks of nuanced and emotional rock, in which the breadth of the band’s collective imagination shines through cohesively and unabashedly. Songs like “Clowns” and “Hourcoat” masterfully navigate complex rhythms and impassioned vocals, combined with memorable melodies and jazzy flourishes. The nostalgic yet forward-thinking qualities of groups like Animal Collective, Modest Mouse and Velvet Underground come to mind as the record unravels. Much of The Acchin Book’s unique quality comes from the auxiliary instruments and recording techniques used; feathered paper dragged across paintings, field recordings in the woods at night, accordion, string arrangements and bowed guitars all contributing to the various moods and textures of the record.

Consequence Pine Barons Imagine The Supernatural On New Song “Telescope"

"Their complex arrangements echo the type of perplexing subject matter at hand, and their metaphorical lyricism sees them evoking a world beyond reality in hopes of finding the right answers"

Post-Trash Pine Barons - "The Acchin Book" LP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

"Pine Barons’ music is singularly positive and radiant, marked with a wide smile as it uses beautiful imagery of the earth’s fauna and flora to comment on the intricacies of human nature and relationships"

WXPN Time For Acchin: Weird N.J. Rockers Pine Barons Reflect On The Road To Their Debut LP

"Polished and pristine, a crystalline recording compared to the crunchy lo-fi fuzz of their 2013 EP. But it also retains that record’s love for textural oddities, like the percussive mechanical gears that crank and clang under the catchy grooves"

All songs written and performed by Pine Barons:

Keith Abrams - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brad Pulley - Guitar, Vocals
Collin Smith - Drums, Vocals
Alex Beebe - Keys, Samples, Percussion
Shane Hower - Bass, Vocals

Album art by Pine Barons
Design and layout by Kyle Stetz

Produced and Engineered by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Additional Engineering by Keith Abrams, Shane Woods and Mark Watter

Assisted by Justin Nazarrio, Alex Held, Rishab Singh, Cameron Connor, Luke Shefski

Strings on "Y7":
Arrangement & cello: Luke Shefski
Violin: Ello Shertzer

  1. Clowns (3:28)
  2. Telescope (3:17)
  3. Chamber Choir (5:16)
  4. What Is Mine (3:36)
  5. Y7 (2:39)
  6. Garden Spring (3:10)
  7. Lion Ate The Cub (2:48)
  8. Hourcoat (2:27)
  9. Root Loss (3:35)
  10. June Gone Drone (3:32)
  11. Alliterate Breed (4:50)
Pine Barons