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During the mixing process of Pine Barons' last album, Mirage On The Meadow, frontman and multi-instrumentalist Keith Abrams stumbled upon the music of cult favorite Japanese band, Fishmans (active throughout the late 80’s and 90’s) and fell in love with their peerless mix of dream pop, psychedelic rock, trip-hop and dub/reggae. Unable to speak the Japanese language himself, Abrams set out to discover what the lyrics actually meant, and with the help of a Japanese-speaking friend, came up with lyrical English interpretations of the late Shinji Sato’s words. After Sato’s copyright successor passed along his blessing to move forward, I LOVE FISH was officially born.

I LOVE FISH is a tribute album in the truest sense. Also produced and engineered in house, Pine Barons brings its own flavor to the arrangements and compositions that comprise nine Fishmans songs, including ambitious fan favorite, the 30-minute plus “LONG SEASON. The band paints a picture of recording that track, describing: "we built custom wind chimes out of glockenspiel tone bars, bells, forks and knives which were all hanging from the rim of a bike tire which hung from the ceiling. Two mics coming out the ears of a mannequin head which was placed beneath the spinning wind chimes were used to record it for a binaural effect."

Abrams recalls hearing Sato’s voice for the first time, noticing that “without even knowing what the lyrics were, I felt such a strong connection to the voice that sang them. It confirms to me the genuine beauty of that voice and how universal music truly is."

American Songwriter Pine Barons Revisit Japanese Band Fishmans Final Song From 1998 “In the Air”

"Running 9 minutes 15 seconds to Fishman’s original epic 13-minute-plus version, Pine Barons were precise in capturing the essence of the song with their own experimental arrangement and subtle diversions"

EARMILK Pine Barons Pay Tribute To Fishmans With "Night Cruising"

"Pine Barons lead vocalist Keith Abrams makes sure to replicate the intricacies of the original track, capturing its dreaminess within a delicate soundscape which layers upon itself and crescendos into an enchanting finish"

WXPN How Pine Barons Dove Into The Psychedelic World Of Tokyo’s Fishmans On New Tribute LP ‘I LOVE FISH’

"The latest from the Philly psychedelic five-piece is a passion project of sorts introducing their fan base to the work of Japanese alternative rock band Fishmans"

Ones To Watch Pine Barons Pay Homage to Cult Japanese Band Fishmans With "Night Cruising"

"Putting together an album doesn't just happen. It takes a great deal of time and money to craft a project and using those resources on a tribute album speaks volumes in showing how much value and respect Pine Barons is putting on the music of Fishmans. It really speaks to the band's character and how they wish to honor those musicians who paved the way for them. A tribute of this nature is quite an admirable undertaking, giving a second life to music from a band whose career was far too short. Pine Barons does Fishmans justice in celebrating the dream pop genre that the Japanese band first helped pioneer"


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keys, drum machine, samples


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keys
Bradford Pulley - keys, backing vocals
Alexander Beebe - backing vocals


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, keys, bass, samples
Bradford Pulley - drum machine
Alexander Beebe - keys
James Tierney - bass
Alex Held - drums


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, keys, violin, melodica
Bradford Pulley - bass, guitar
Alexander Beebe - keys
Alex Held - drums


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, keys, samples
Bradford Pulley - guitar, keys
Alex Held - drums


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, keys, percussion, drum machine
Bradford Pulley - keys, guitar, bass, banjo, backing vocals
Alexander Beebe - keys, toy piano


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, keys, drum machine, percussion
Bradford Pulley - samples
Alexander Beebe - trumpet


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums
Bradford Pulley - guitar
Alexander Beebe - keys
James Tierney - bass
Alex Held - drums


Keith C. Abrams - vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, percussion, samples
Bradford Pulley - bass, keys, backing vocals, percussion
Alexander Beebe - keys, backing vocals, percussion, samples
Alex Held - drums, percussion

ゆらめき IN THE AIR montage:

Casper Rudderow, Sam Mercurio, Timúr Chizhik, Grace Amadio, Shane Hower, Braden Lawrence, Natalia Navarra, Patrick Cassidy, Sarah Bonilla, Caitlin McCann, Nico Vosler, Bradford Pulley, Emilia Richman, Keith B. Abrams, Jodi Abrams, Colin Abrams, Alex Messina, Greg Messina

  1. OH SLIME (3:31)
  2. ナイトクルージング (3:44)
  3. FUTURE (5:24)
  4. POKKA POKKA (4:19)
  5. BABY BLUE (5:51)
  6. NANTETTANO (4:44)
  8. ゆらめき IN THE AIR (9:15)
  9. LONG SEASON (32:11)
Pine Barons