Blue Dolphin

Pine Barons

“Blue Dolphin” is a conversation with a ghost, talking them through to the other side, helping them find their silent island. Everything in the water, sinks in the water."

Wormbrain World Perhaps Nothing At All with Pine Barons about “Blue Dolphin”

"While the song is perfectly polished pop and radiates “good vibes” on the surface, the lyrics maybe less so… or maybe more so?"

WXPN Pine Barons Contemplate The Void To Glossy Electropop On “Blue Dolphin”

"Abrams’ vocals are still clear and prominent throughout, though, still embacing one of the band’s greatest strengths — he’s a classically great rock vocalist who’s unashamed to have his voice out front with only a splash of reverb, rather than a drowning deluge — and the electronic tones both signal an exciting direction for Pine Barons’ next chapter"

American Pancake Pine Barons & The Beautiful Universe Of “Blue Dolphin”

"Pine Barons know how to construct beautiful sonic universes with dream pop planets orbiting. Every sonic aspect sounds gorgeous, has a place, there is nothing extra and nothing missing. The richness here, the pushed bass and smashed machine beats, sparkling (&) ethereal synths, subtle guitar embellishments all provide a trampoline for KC Abrams' dream soaked vocals to bounce off of"

Written, produced, engineered, and mixed by KC Abrams

Video by Alex Beebe

Performed by Pine Barons

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Special thanks to Nico Vosler and Tiyé Pulley