Frantic Francis

Pine Barons

"Frantic Francis” weaves hypnotic sounds with dreamlike imagery and a pulsing bass line, meant to simulate waking up as a child, when everything is brand new again. But it’s not supposed to be that deep either and mentions embracing mundane things, like drinking tea. After the I LOVE FISH project, we've approached songwriting for Pine Barons differently, putting more emphasis on patience, simplicity and really letting a song breathe.”

Indie Shuffle Pine Barons - Frantic Francis

"It's as though the whirling colors of a psychedelic teabag have been steeped in the warm waters of rock and experimentation, while the lyrics form the cup that holds it all together"

Last Day Deaf Listening Now : Pine Barons – Frantic Francis

"A mind-blowing blend of uplifting indie pop with divine dream pop, in which the angelic vocals, the pulsating bass line, the heavenly synths and the grandiose climax, play the leading part. The immense energy of this euphoric triumph is from another planetary system, and we can state that this brand new direction for the band has brought by all means their best song to date. Just imagine The Deserter’s Songs-era Mercury Rev jamming with Tame Impala with Deerhunter supervising and you may get a clue"

Written, produced, engineered, and mixed by KC Abrams

Video by Alex Beebe

Performed by Pine Barons

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe