all boy/all girl

Trophy was the first Grind Select release for all boy/all girl. The NY septet made enormous chamber pop with influences from avant-garde jazz, indie rock, and gorgeous folk charm. Well known for the explosive live performances, the band captured their Americana steeped mayhem and pop splendor perfectly to tape with this EP. Actual mini trophies with download codes were produced as a limited-edition merch item along with an interactive website, Trophy Smasher, that allowed fans to smash trophies and win prizes.

AV Club All Boy/All Girl Compete In Unsettling Game Show In Video For “Glitters”

"The type of avant-pop collective that has a theatrical flair informing every part of its aesthetic. For its recent EP, the band actually made little trophies to be purchased along with the album, also releasing a browser game that lets users take a hammer and do exactly what the game’s title implies"

Consequence All Boy/All Girl Shares New Song, "Not It"

"Eerie harmonies, a sputtering string section, and ethereal textures that abound throughout"

Portals All Boy/All Girl "Glitters" Premiere

"Danielle Lovier has some sort of fire pipes. She belts ferociously on this first, surprising taste of all boy/all girl‘s forthcoming release. Lovier’s voice is boiling honey, but it turns effortlessly violent. Those vocal flames lick the tips of your toes and a cacophony of beautiful sound splashing from the 7-piece band that is building on a foundation of musical theater meets punk rock"

All music written and performed by all boy/all girl

Danielle Lovier - Vocals & Ukulele
Jessie Rogowski - Vocals
Joshua Curry - Guitar
Joey Campanella - Drums
Hannah Levinson - Viola
Richard Vaudrey - Cello
Nicholas Rahn - Double Bass

Brian Blaker - Tenor Saxophone

Recorded at Excello Recording in Brooklyn, NY by Hugh Pool and Charles Dechants

Mixed at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza

Mastered at JLM in Brooklyn, NY by Joe Lambert

Cover Art by Jim Rahn

  1. Glitters (3:10)
  2. Lion (4:24)
  3. Trophy (3:14)
  4. Not It (3:50)
  5. Congratulations (4:30)
  6. OK Poncho - Bonus Track (2:02)
all boy/all girl