all boy/all girl

Slagroom, meaning ‘whipped cream’ in Dutch, plays out like the cover art, a gleaming, saccharine dollop in a claustrophobic soiled cubicle. The album (all boy/all girl's sophomore LP) was recorded and mixed by experimental/noise purveyors, Machines With Magnets (Lightning Bolt, The Body, Lingua Ignota). The 7-piece band wrote the material in a vacant basement beneath a pawn shop in the lower east side of Manhattan, leading to a singular style of avant-pop that contains the freneticism of New York City. It was accompanied by a vinyl release with a fast-food inspired receipt insert leading to an "interactive customer survey" that quickly goes off the rails, equal parts 2001: A Space Odyssey, philosophy, and modern consumerism.

Impose LP Stream: All Boy/All Girl - Slagroom

"On Slagroom, the band has created an album that is profoundly epic, yet still concerned with the local things like urban sprawl or a food court Arby’s"

Clash Premiere: All Boy/All Girl - 'Pastels'

"Whimsical, off kilter songwriting, the group have ties to both the classical realm and the punk world, with their wide-open approach absorbing numerous left-field influences.... gorgeous songwriting, with those classical flourishes underpinning a truly wonderful vocal delivery"

Gold Flake Paint First Watch: All Boy/All Girl - "Pastels"

"Setting the otherwise buoyant music against a backdrop of warped, eerie and often spectacular visuals. Intertwined with the string-led, wonderfully inventive new track, the whole thing stands as a mesmerising introduction to the new record"

Rookie All Boy/All Girl: Voyeur

"With a theatrical, acoustic sound that darts between experimental and pop, the band infuses contemporary classical and rock elements into eclectic arrangements that are easy on the ears and soul"

Written and performed by all boy/all girl

Recorded 2016 at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI

Engineered and mixed by Seth Manchester
Additional engineering by Keith Souza

Danielle Lovier - vocals & ukulele
Jessie Rogowski - vocals
Joshua Curry - guitars
Hannah Levinson - viola
Susan Mandel - cello
Nicholas Rahn - basses & keys
Joey Campanella - drums

Produced by Nicholas Rahn and Seth Manchester

Mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering, NYC

Artwork by Kyle Stetz and Nicholas Rahn

  1. Living Room (3:19)
  2. House Cat (3:28)
  3. Housewarming (4:34)
  4. Pigeon (3:01)
  5. Pastels (3:19)
  6. Development (3:19)
  7. Voyeur (3:36)
  8. Threnody (4:24)
  9. Rapture (4:15)
  10. Civic Mind (3:48)
  11. Food Court (3:20)
all boy/all girl