all boy/all girl

Pared down from a swelling septet to a duo, Philadelphia’s all boy/all girl have returned to their original, concentrated form with the explosive Crisps EP. More direct than the group’s experimental Troubleshooting and Slagroom, Crisps pairs screaming, distorted guitars with hooks that stay in your head, without losing the subtle complexities of songwriting and unusual instrumentation that make all boy/all girl so unique.

Various Small Flames All Boy/All Girl - Crisps

"The sprawling orchestral style has been replaced by a cacophonous rock aesthetic, Lovier’s vocals possessing newfound grit and blunt immediacy, the atmosphere swirling in raucous noise, as though a bell jar has been placed over the band, their previously diffused sound forced to gather into thick black thunderheads"

Midori Witkoski - Viola (1)
Susan Mandel - Cello (1)
Tom Cladek - Drums (3)
Joey Campanella - Drums (1, 2)
Josh Curry - Bass (1, 2)
Nicholas Rahn - Guitar, Vocals (1, 3), Bass (3)
Danielle Lovier - Vocals

Written by Danielle Lovier and Nicholas Rahn

Recorded by Nicholas Rahn at Cash For Gold Studio in NYC
and Hat on a Hat Studios in Philadelphia

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

  1. Phloem (3:14)
  2. Bomb (2:56)
  3. The Party Song (3:28)
all boy/all girl