Prism House

'Ritual' is a dance performance piece featuring movement and choreography by Aarron Ricks and an original score by Prism House.

The piece aims to explore the transcendent qualities of worship through ritualistic movement and moments of self-awareness and spiritual awakening. 'Ritual' follows the singular path of a performer as they advance through various ceremonial stages of behavior, beginning with altar preparation and guided movement followed by an abrupt dive into the performer's mind. The piece continues with a fervent intensity before reaching a climactic moment of human euphoria followed by exhaustion.

The bold and pronounced gestures of the choreography are paired with a sound composition that intertwines field recordings with cinematic ambient sounds and pulsing rhythmic elements.

Movement by Aarron Ricks
Music by Prism House
Directed by Raul Coto-Batres
Cinematography by Jordan Rennert
Lighting by Michael O'Donohue
Art Direction by Nicole Absher