Prism House

Pulse aims to combine elements of noise, ambience, and heavily processed field recordings into a single fluid and unstructured composition. Pulse is broken into seven distinct movements, but was originally conceived as a single piece of music.

The album was constructed by recording nearly 150 separate improvisations, and then editing and layering the performances on top of each other to create a new idea. Nothing was recorded to a click track and there was little concern for layers playing at the same tempo or feeling unified stylistically.

Self-Titled Stream Prism House’s Pulse LP and Read the Stories Behind Its Experimental Songs

"The result is a record that moves and flows with a sort of reckless abandon but still feels cohesive and vibey"

All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by Brian Wenner

Art & design by Kyle Stetz

  1. Ascend (5:06)
  2. Follow (Part I) (2:15)
  3. Follow (Part II) (2:15)
  4. Pulse (3:01)
  5. Stutter (5:33)
  6. Crash and Breathe (3:01)
  7. Descend (5:13)
Prism House