Lookin' 4 Pleasure

Dominic Sen

“Lookin’ 4 Pleasure” pays tribute to the experience of turning inward for pleasure during times when external validation and the company of others feels too loaded or fraught. On a cursory level, this song is about physical pleasure, but it’s meant to encompass all types of joy-inspiring self-exploration. I wanted to make this song sexy, like a pining love song to the self. To really help sell that sexy vibe, Ronnie Stone (co-producer) and I took inspiration from Y2K-era Usher to develop the overall sound and feel."

FLOOD Dominic Sen Turns Inward for Validation on New Track “Lookin’ 4 Pleasure”

"Dominic Sen recreates that moment in a way that only someone who LiveJournaled their way through it can, reverently merging the words of girl-group pop vocals of that era and the R&B that took off shortly after"

Produced by Ronnie Stone and Dominic Sen
Mixed by Ronnie Stone
Mastered by Josh Bonati

Photo by Tonje Thilesen
Artwork & Design by Troy Curtis Kreiner

  1. Lookin' 4 Pleasure (3:39)
Dominic Sen