Dress Rehearsal

Moon Bounce

Dress Rehearsal is the inaugural Grind Select release, a collection of left-field electronic tracks influenced by R&B, hip-hop and even the rhythmic lurching of metal. Lead single "Shake" turned heads with an accompanying video that Fangoria proclaimed a "puppet bloodbath".

Noisey Listen To "Shake" From Moon Bounce's Upcoming EP

"What's most impressive though is that this dude doesn't use any samples, and just builds his beats from scratch"

THUMP The Video For Moon Bounce's Track "Whore" Will Make You Feel Icky Inside

"Embeds crooning vocals into waves of sound that erupt like ocean swells slapping against a shore, and pockets of silence give way to surges of melody and tremendous drum hits"

WXPN Beat Guru Moon Bounce Releases The Galactic “Shake”

"His beats delve deeper, with erratic yet steady percussion and warped electronic inclinations"

Impose Friday Night Presents: Moon Bounce, "Commuter Jams"

"Regensburg manipulates the tropes of progressive hip hop and synth pop with a marksman's precision, firing off syncopated vocal flips in rapid, rhythmic sequences"

All tracks written, recorded, and produced by Corey Regensburg

Mastered by Matt Colton (Alchemy Mastering)

Art by Troy Curtis Kreiner

  1. Shake (3:23)
  2. Whore (3:45)
  3. Ouroboros (3:38)
  4. Child (2:47)
Moon Bounce