Shmu’s shapeshifting, unpredictable fourth full-length, Vish is the LA-via-Austin based musician’s version of a mixtape, a collaborative and beautifully frenetic effort featuring key contributions from close friends and musical peers. Sharpening his chops in recent months as the touring drummer for Vinyl Williams, Shmu’s knack for jagged, razor-sharp groove ensures Vish thrives as a living, breathing, amorphous experience that demands repeat listens.

Pulsing with swirling synths, vivid vocal melodies and intricate, hard-hitting percussion, Vish expands on Shmu’s brand of psychedelic, genre-defying pop and seamlessly extends it across 11 kaleidoscopic and triumphant tracks. “Jetskis In Virginia” featuring Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna/The Dirty Projectors/Gemma) highlights warped, stuttering beats and R&B-tinged vocals, while “I’m Coming For You” ramps up layers of electronics and samples until erupting in a glitched-out frenzy.

XLR8R Shmu "Melting Down The Glass"

"It’s pulsing with swirling synths, vivid vocal melodies, and intricate, hard-hitting percussion, and expands on Shmu’s brand of psychedelic, genre-defying pop over 11 kaleidoscopic and triumphant tracks"

FLOOD Premiere: Shmu Makes Noise With "Silent Rapture"

"The vibrant collage of sounds recycled from the drummer’s previous projects is carried by vocal contributions from experimental vocalist Raquel Bell, soaring over a not-entirely-un-Zorchlike soundscape"

HighClouds Shmu Premieres Dark & Lascivious Single “Used”+ Botany’s Remix

"Shmu vehemently refuses to relinquish any of his influences, and as such makes music as influenced by shoegaze or vaporwave as by 2000s R&B"

Sam Chown is Shmu

Mixed & Mastered by Sam Chown & Evan Kleinecke @ 5th Street Studios

Arranged, Produced, Performed, Edited & Written By Sam Chown with the help of these fine people:

Bee Drake - Lead &/or Background Vocals on 'Used' 'I'm Coming For You' 'So Don't Try And Stop Me' 'Jetskis In Virginia' 'No One Will Know' Lyric co-write for 'I'm Coming For You', 'Jetskis in Virginia', 'No One Will Know'

Geoff Earle - Bass, Programming & Synths on 'Silent Rapture' & collaborative sample editing / music co-write for 'In the Mood'

Raquel Bell - Lead Vocals on 'Silent Rapture', lyric co-write for 'Silent Rapture' & 'Melting Down The Glass'

Felicia Douglass - Lead & Background Vocals on 'Jetskis in Virginia'

Andrew Shenkman - Synths & Music co-write on 'Used'

Zac Traeger - Some programming for 'I'm Coming For You'

Ajit D'Brass - Lyric & Vocal Melody co-write for 'So Don't Try And Stop Me'

Cabrini Green - Lead. Background Vocals & lyrics for' Zan Yu ; Xiang Yu

TJ Wade - Lead & Background Vocals on 'Shampoo Me'

  1. Silent Rapture (3:28)
  2. Melting Down The Glass (3:28)
  3. Used (3:56)
  4. I'm Coming For You (3:58)
  5. So Don't Try And Stop Me (3:44)
  6. In The Mood (2:49)
  7. Jetskis In Virginia ft. Felicia Douglass (3:39)
  8. Shampoo Me (4:09)
  9. Vish (5:57)
  10. No One Will Know (3:47)
  11. Zan Yu ; Xiang Yu (4:27)