Sleight of Hand


Sleight of Hand is the second and final album from Museyroom, whose nuanced blend of pop nostalgia, folk and psychedelia was beloved by many in the Brooklyn and Philadelphia music scenes. Although the LP is less flashy than 2016's Pearly Whites, it contains phenomenal songwriting and musicianship with a distinctly raw energy, accurately representing the trio's live show and showcasing what made them such a special band.

Atwood Magazine Premiere: Museyroom's Dynamic Daydream "Day In/Day Out"

"Museyroom are well on their way to establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned. By defying definition, Museyroom allow their music to speak for itself – and it says so much, in such a short period of time"

Post-Trash Museyroom - "Sleight Of Hand" LP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

"Bold and glistening, shifting in divergent directions from swooning 60's pop and retro R&B to manipulated art rock with West African rhythms and fuzzy bedroom pop. It feels something like a warm blanket or a toasty grilled cheese (you know, comfort food); and for the span of 30 minutes, all is well and fun has been restored"

Recorded and mixed by Museyroom at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Artwork by Beau Parent

Jack Donovan - vocals, guitar, percussion
Ben Cohen - guitar, keyboard, bass
Matt Coppola - drums
Sammy Weissberg - additional bass

  1. Monograph (2:40)
  2. Candles to Light (1:48)
  3. Manlike Boy (2:32)
  4. Euphemism / Screendoors / Haystack (5:54)
  5. Just For You (2:05)
  6. Life Story (3:09)
  7. Grass is Greener (3:10)
  8. Hunters Game (2:13)
  9. Manayunk (3:12)
  10. Day In/Day Out (3:07)