Scatter Plot


Building on a landscape of polyrhythms and chromaticism that their fans have grown to cherish, Grocer explores new sonic structures on their latest EP, Scatter Plot. Across its six tracks, Grocer reiterates they are just as comfortable with glassy earworms as they are with angular dissonance. They remain giddy, furious and singularly themselves.

Post-Trash Grocer - "Scatter Plot" EP Review

"Grocer’s sound is elusive, not so much defying classification as flirting with too many categories as once. They’re in good company, then, with the (for lack of a better term) art rock bands like Chronophage, Motherhood, Foyer Red, practicing a kind of melodic maximalist brand of alternative that sounds only like itself and little else. To push an obvious metaphor, this EP is no neighborhood grocery store – it’s a post-punk megamart, fully stocked with all the essentials and treats you could ever want"

Wormbrain World Centering Fun with Grocer on “Smooth Operator”

"An unpredictable and dizzying sonic barrage that never fully loses footing on pop sensibility, with the bizarre and messy music video a fitting companion"

WXPN Get A Taste Of Grocer's New EP 'Scatter Plot' With Frantic Single "Downtown Side"

"A strong example of what Grocer is capable of, and bodes well for all us fans that Scatter Plot will deliver"

Glide Philadelphia’s Grocer Keeps It Lo-Fi & Syncopated On Snappy “Downtown Side”

"Another gracefully chaotic track from one of Philadelphia’s hardest touring bands. Grocer is well known for their pop-aware songwriting with bouts of burn-it-all-down dissonance and layers of blissfully effect-driven guitars"

All songs written by Grocer:

Cody Nelson - Drums/Vocals
Danielle Lovier - Bass/Vocals
Nicholas Rahn - Guitar/Vocals

Track 1 Additional guitar by Emily Daly
Recorded at Headroom Studios by Kyle Pulley
Mixed by Marc Whitmore in Santa Fe, NM
Mastered by TJ Lipple

Tracks 2 - 5 Recorded at Cash4Gold Studios by Nicholas Rahn
Mixed by Dave Vettraino at Public House Recordings in Chicago, IL
Mastered by TJ Lipple

Track 6 Additional guitar by Emily Daly
Mixed by Nicholas Rahn
Mastered by Dan Walker

  1. Downtown Side (3:41)
  2. Smooth Operator (3:00)
  3. Not By Choice (2:44)
  4. Open Wide (4:10)
  5. Here On Out (2:54)
  6. Downton Slide (2:46)