Bright Spot

Blue Canopy

"Bright Spot was written during a rough patch in my relationship with my long term partner. We were fighting a lot regarding rehoming our family dog, and I just wanted everything to be OK between us. This song sorts through my feelings throughout that time, hoping for a resolution."

Austin Town Hall Blue Canopy Deliver 'Bright Spot'

"Guitars twist and churn at the get go, waiting for the percussive element to slide its way into the picture; it creates this natural bob of the head, bouncing with the snappy drum hits. Schiff’s vocals have this wistfulness to them, adding to the dreamy textures applied throughout the track, intermingling with the jangly bounce"

Alex Schiff: Keyboard, Bari Uke, Lead Vocals, Drums
Patrick Smith: Guitar
David Baldwin: Bass
Erick Lee: Backup Vocals